Myofascial Release

What is it and what makes it "The Healthcare of the Future?"

Have you gotten to a place in your healthcare journey that is leaving you feeling stuck, or perhaps like you've plateaued in your treatment? Have you been receiving body work and feel like you are still experiencing the same patterns again and again, feeling doomed to simply maintain the results you've been receiving time and time again? Have you been treated with "Myofascial Release" in the past, only to discover it painful and requiring a commitment to 10+ treatments before expecting to see real results?

The answer to all of the above is true Myofascial Release, from the founder, John Barnes.  Myofascial release uses gentle techniques which work with the body to release the patterns underlying our pain and holding patterns. In my own practice, I've seen great results working with infants, seniors, and everyone in between, with a variety of disorders including:

Anxiety, Gastrointestinal Distress, Back Pain, Headaches, Whiplash, Pelvic Pain, Neck Pain, Sports Injuries, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Traumatic Brain injuries and Concussions, Fibromyalgia, Adhesions, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Jaw Pain, Painful Scars, Sciatica, Infertility, Interstitial Cystitis, Women's Health Issues, Myofascial Pain Syndromes, and a slew of other cases for which Western Medicine has limited to no answers for, besides, "come back when it gets worse."

This sounds like black magic, and honestly, it feels that way sometimes.  We've been trained to expect painful and invasive techniques which have us walking out it more pain than we came in with, however, true myofascial release uses more gentle techniques than most bodywork, and is rarely reported as painful-- often just as feeling very good, calming, a great stretch, or perhaps therapeutically on the edge of painful-- staying within the body's comfort zone, and gently pushing its barriers, we work with the body to encourage the healing process and trigger the release of the body's own anti-inflammatories.

The secret to the work lies in the time component.  We, as busy adults, have been trained to seek therapies which are cheaper, faster, and proven in double blind studies.  Unfortunately, what we don't receive is the true care and attention that our bodies need for health. 

Myofascial release brings together the pieces of our care plans, helps us to get past our plateaus and allows us to jump over our next hurdle. 

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To learn more about Myofascial Release, check out John's website.  I recommend these seminars to fellow therapists, and suggest that everyone who has found the waters of their healing journey tumultuous and overwhelming to read his articles: they put a great perspective on our role as "healers" for practitioners are just here to facilitate our healing journey.

Have you experienced a bit of a healing crisis after receiving MFR>  This is very common, as layers of the onion start peeling away, at its core may lie many traumas of varying nature.  From's homepage,  you'll find a link to MFR Insight, this Facebook group is a great resource for patients and practitioners to pose questions and share experiences. 

Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release offers relief that goes beyond the muscles (myo)

The muscles are hardly the main concern when pain is at play, especially in chronic cases.  Sure, there are times where a muscle has become overused or injured, but the question becomes why was so much pressure put upon such a supple tissue?

So if it isn't the muscles, then it must be the nerves!

Close, but each nerve is made of nearly 90% fascia, and there is no nerve that touches each and every cell of the human body. If the traditional perspective about the nerves were true, the response time of our body, and our selves, would be impractically slow. 

Fascial Matrix

Each nucleus of every cell communicates with its organelles through biophotons of information, from beyond the cell to its neighbors via the extracellular matrix, each cell responds like a school of fish, nearly simultaneously, much faster than the speed of neurons!

When we have myofascial restrictions and adhesions, it's like having a prism in that network, the result is fractured, chaotic, and weak.  MFR lets us melt away those restrictions and return that clear fluid ground substance to the environment

Richard Harty, PT explains Myofascial Release

I could go on and on about the depth and intrigue involved in the myofascial release process, but it really is like Ockham's Razor-- the simplest explanation is often the best.  Myofascial Release allows us to look at the body not as a complex set of maps and diagrams but appreciate the terrain as it is, the body before us.  In this video, Richard Harty explains how myofascial Release allows us to start at the surface and get deeply into the roots of what's holding us back. 

Living Fascia

The fascia is often touted as an insulating, protective sheath, as seen in cadaver dissection.

What we see here is living, moving, changing fascia,  This is what is in your body right now.  This extracellular matrix is able to break and reconstruct the collagen structures to maintain a fiber optic connection between cells in the body as they share biophotons of information from one nucleus to its surroundings-- acting as a superconductor to carry consciousness about the body.

MFR, as taught by John Barnes

 It's a slow process to change the fascia, but the science is catching up to what MFR therapists have been feeling under their hands for decades.  At the five minute mark, the body resolves its inflammatory process; this leaves new collagenous architecture and drastically reduces pain, without thwarting the healing process.