Myofascial Release & Oriental Medicine

Break free from the patterns holding you back


Myofascial Release


John F Barnes' Myofascial Release utilizes sustained holds to allow the body to unwind and confront barriers stopping growth and movement, allowing us open space to bring the being back to the body.

"Start with the symptoms, look elsewhere for the cause"

Osteopathic Manual Therapies

Derrick Lundberg, General Listening, Barral, Visceral Manipulation, Neural, VMT, NMT

Jean-Pierre Barral's Visceral and Neural Manipulation techniques offer specific releases to the nerves and visceral organs to return motion to the tissues
Involuntary motion is the essence of life. – James S. Jealous DO

"I don't care what their symptoms are, I treat the body, and the next time they see me their symptoms have resolved"

-Jean-Pierre Barrall

Oriental Medicine


Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine use needles, cupping and herbal medicine to harmonize the elements of the body, to be balanced like the Elements of nature.

Each symptom and sign give us a clue to the relationships within your body.  We can address this balance through acupuncture and herbal medicine

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