Osteopathic Manual Therapies (OMT)

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These manipulations  (to care for with the hands)  take the opposite approach to MFR, in that they hope to elicit a large effect from a small manipulation.  These releases transition into MFR very readily, allowing us to gain a handle on the center of the issue and untangle the ball of worms from the inside out.

Osteopaths have long believed that the body ought to be able to heal itself without the use of drugs or pharmaceuticals.  In Osteopathic Medicine, practitioners help to bring the body back to a stable state such that it can maintain homeostasis from there on out.

I am not a DO, or Doctor of Osteopathy, but my beliefs strongly coincide with the Classical (five-finger) Osteopathic Perspective.  Thankfully, Jean-Pierre Barral has teamed up with The International Alliance of Healthcare Educators (IAHE), to teach Osteopathic Manual Manipulations to a wide range of Bodyworkers.  

I have taken courses for Visceral Manipulation (VMT 1, 2, 3), and Neural Manipulations (NMT 1,2), learning manipulationsfor the abdominal visceral organs and the nerves from the Central Nervous System, the upper extremities, and the lower pelvic region. 

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If you are interested in pursuing Barral's OMT courses, I would strongly recommend them.  They have proven to be very effective for me and my patients: My favorite, has been in the treatment of Acid Reflux and GERD, often associated to a hiatal hernia; we can pull the stomach out of the way of the cardiac sphincter, and allow the stomach to contain its essential acids.  This treatment often lasts 1-3 months, as opposed to the temporary symptom relief given by OTC medications.